We are media experts. What makes CONSILIUM unique is that all our consultants have a law degree. Our expertise enables us to manage legal issues that tend to be particularly important in crises, to ensure that our client’s perspective on the situation is clearly communicated to the public. We have previously worked for opinion leading publications, such as BILD-Zeitung and SPIEGEL Online. CONSILIUM keeps a close eye on the key legal matters when developing PR strategies and considers these when handling both internal and external communication in crises.

Attorney Martin Wohlrabe | Managing Director Consilium Rechtskommunikation GmbH

Martin Wohlrabe

Managing Director

Franziska Seusing, LL.B.

Franziska Seusing, LL.B.

Head of Litigation PR

Lou Martine Siebert, LL.B.

Lou Martine Siebert, LL.B.

Head of Crisis Communication

Attorney Dr. Christoph Abeln

RA Dr. Christoph Abeln

External consultant

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