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Crisis-PR in case of a cyber attack

There are approximately 100 Million Cyber-attacks in the world every year and the number is growing steadily. What is special about these attacks is, that they happen very, very quickly, companies often cannot protect themselves from cyber attacks and it is hard to evaluate the effect they will have on the company.

Apart from immense financial damages, also, the company’s reputation is at stake. Prevention is essential here. Good and immediate communication and reaction is of the utmost importance. It has become even more important to react quickly whilst following a specific strategy when reacting to a cyber-attack, because since 2018 there have been now more rigorous EU reporting obligations.

Our range of services includes:

  1. Prevention: Trainings on how to react in case of a cyber attack, setting up an emergency contact list, preparing a handbook on emergencies
  2. Strategic communication during an actual crisis: Ad-hoc support in case of a crisis, acting as your speaker, monitoring (online and offline)
  3. “Cleaning up” after a crisis: Evaluation of the development of the communicative PR-work

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