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We do PR in legal disputes. Not only for companies and agencies, but also for individuals and law firms. Nowadays this rule applies: Even if the lawsuit is won, it does not mean that the court of public opinion is convinced.

We take care of supporting the legal strategy’s communications to reach the willingness of agreement by the respective other party. Furthermore, we protect the good reputation of our clients in litigation.

Most frequently we advise clients in lawsuits concerning banking and capital markets law, cartel and patent law, product liability cases and labour law disputes. In addition, litigation in tort, medical law, approval and corruption proceedings as well as commercial criminal law are part of our specialism.

Litigation-PR can help in counteracting the over-eagerness, one-sidedness and attacks of editorial offices. This can have a considerable effect in times of tight editorial budgets and exaggerated headlines.

Our aim is:

  1. to decrease negative publicity,
  2. to explain the clients position,
  3. to ensure balanced reports,
  4. to prepare challenging legal issues understandable for the media,
  5. to defuse critical situations which jeopardize the good reputation
  6. to settle possible disputes out of court with the proper communication.

Why CONSILIUM is the best choice at Litigation PR

  1. PR consultant with broad journalistic experience (BILD-Zeitung, SPIEGEL Online, DER SPIEGEL Gerichtsreportage)
  2. Comprehensive legal knowledge available (ia several consultants with legal experience and admission)
  3. CONSILIUM is active in the education of young lawyers and young professionals (including teaching at the University of Freiburg)
  4. Organizer of the annual largest Litigation-PR Event in Germany (Legal communication meeting)

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