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Data leak: Internet platform "Knuddels" apologizes to members after hacker attack

Karlsruhe, September 8, 2018: 19 years after its founding, the Internet platform has become the first victim of a successful hacker attack. In recent days, around 808,000 email addresses and 1,872,000 pseudonyms (so-called nicknames) and passwords have been published on the file-sharing site "". Important: Only 320,000 email addresses were verified. The others are probably invalid fantasy email addresses.

"We have already taken all necessary steps and informed the authorities. The protection of user data has the highest priority for us", says Holger Kujath, founder and managing director of "In particular we ask our users cordially for excuses. In order to avert any further possible damage, we informed them a few hours after the hacker attack about the data leak via Facebook, Instagram and our public forum. Transparency is the top priority for Knuddels".

So far, it has not been possible to determine where or from whom the published member data originated. has further strengthened its already very high security standards in recent hours. "We are aware that data entrusted to us by our community must be secure. We will do everything in our power to clear things up and win back trust," Kujath continued.

On September 5, previously unknown perpetrators initially published 8,000 member data on the document platform "Pastebin". The entry there consists of the pseudonyms, password, email address (in 57% of cases), a first name (41%), and a place of residence (30%).

On Friday 7 September Knuddels received the information that another article had been published on the website "". This is a data set with 1,872,000 pseudonyms. Due to the changed situation decided further measures. These were among other things:

  • To inform all members as soon as possible by e-mail
  • To oblige all members to set a new password upon login
  • Members who do not log in via a device known to us will receive a link via e-mail or SMS to set a new password

Here you can read the complete chronology of the previous processing of the data leak: This list is constantly updated.


Knuddels was created in the year 1999 and is with over 2 million registered members a popular social network and a large Chatcommunity in the German-speaking countries.

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