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PR work in cases of insolvency

Cases of insolvencies always attract the public's attention very much. Therefore, in these situations it is especially important for insolvency administrators to communicate carefully and convince everybody involved. We provide help and support during these exceptionally difficult situations drawing back on our great experience when banks, investors and suppliers, associates, employees and customers have to be informed.

Our approach is to always be one step ahead, so that people receive the relevant information at just the right time in order to build up a trusting relationship with banks, investors and suppliers etc. This will also pay off in being appointed as an insolvency manager etc. in the future.

Our aim is to calm down these heated situations. This way we help you to maintain your company's value as much as this is possible. Of course, we can also be your external press agency.

Read what is important in the communication of restructuring and reorganization:

Information is distributed in times of crisis such as oil on water. Thin, but large-area. A dangerous mixture - especially when someone is lighting in the background. But with the right tools, even such communicative challenges can be mastered. [...]

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