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Important for many companies: To permanently keep an eye on legal developments and, if necessary, to proactively accompany them. Required: Lobbying at the highest level. We represent your interests with our many years of experience.

Our services include:

  1. Analysis, evaluation and consultation on business-relevant legislative processes
  2. Continuous observation and analysis of the relevant environment on its risk potential
  3. Stakeholder management and relationship management
  4. Speech of political decision makers
  5. Creation of strategies for the accompaniment of political decisions
  6. Implementation of these strategies

Guest Contributions from our newsletter

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Brigitte Zypries, Federal Minister for Econonomy and Energie

„Chinese whispers“

That the answer does not fit the question, is well known as a rhetorical trick of media experienced speakers (Ulrich Wickert: „ But now you haven’t answered my question. “Angela Merkel: „Yes. “). This phenomenon does not only exist for a well calculated zig zag course, but also as a completely unintentional communication-glitch.

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Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble MdB, President of the German Bundestag

„Communication in a complex world“

Good communication is important at any time – but currently, perhaps more important than ever. Good communication can contribute a lot to a constructive and rational political culture, which seems to be getting lost at present. It's not America only. The state of social debates is worrying everywhere in the West.

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