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We are a PR consultancy - exclusively specialized in litigation PR. Our consultants have an extensive media experience combined with legal expertise. The Managing Director is Martin Wohlrabe. He is both an attorney at law and long-standing journalist. Together with his team he advises companies, associations, authorities, and law firms. Additionally, Martin Wohlrabe is currently author of the monthly litigation PR column in the oldest German trade magazine, "PR Magazin", founded in 1969.

Consilium was founded by
Martin Wohlrabe und Dr. Christoph Abeln

Martin Wohlrabe

Dr. Christoph Abeln

we are called „CONSILIUM“

Literally translated, CONSILIUM means „public forum”. Around 2.000 years ago, the Roman philosopher and politician Cicero wanted to convince Senator Catilina of a conspiracy. However, as a wise man , Cicero knew that mere legal arguments would not persuade the Roman Senator..

In fact, public support was needed. With his famous orations against Catilina, he also convinced the public. These were the early beginnings of litigation public relations.

what we stand for

We offer the closest possible pairing of law and communication. CONSILIUM joins public relations activity with legal strategy. In our line of work, it is only logical and vital to take both the legal and communicative aspect of all cases into consideration. Acting differently would be perilous.

CONSILIUM combines modern legal communications with traditional values such as discipline, credibility and decisiveness.

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