We manage internal and external communication in exceptional circumstances. In particular, we develop strategies for our clients in terms of how to make a good impression on the public regarding the issues they need to address and then implement these strategies. This includes crisis communication, Litigation PR, restructuring communication and all other forms of communication required in particularly challenging situations.

Crisis communication

Crises can affect companies completely unexpectedly at any time. It is important to act quickly and decisively in these circumstances. This also applies to communication. We provide advice and support in all exceptional situations.

crisis communication

Litigation PR

We advise companies, law firms and individuals on all PR matters relating to legal disputes. In this regard, we protect our client´s good reputations and communicate the background to the legal disputes.

We advise companies, law firms and individuals on all PR issues

Restructuring communication

Redevelopment processes are always pursued with a special public interest. We provide communication support in these proceedings in order to maintain the highest possible value of the company. We are, of course, also available as an external press office.



It is estimated that there are approximately 100 million cyber-attacks every year worldwide and this number continues to grow. These attacks take place in the blink of an eye; companies are often defenceless, and the extent of the attacks is often unclear.

Crisis PR in case of a cyberattack


A good reputation can take a company years to build up, yet it can be damaged in a matter of seconds by the careless and unlawful actions of potentially just a single employee. When it comes to communicating compliance measures in a way that anchors them effectively within your company, what you need is a strategic approach.


Changes within companies need to be communicated carefully and considerately. We help you to organise and communicate changes in the best way possible - internally to your employees and externally to industry and regional press.


When it comes to the success of mergers and acquisitions, adapting communication to your target groups is crucial. Communication that needs to be built on an explicit M&A communication strategy and communication measures. We are by your side through every phase of the communication process as an advisor and facilitator.

Managing and rebuilding reputation

Reputation is one of the most important assets for compa­nies and managers. It protects the image and ulti­mately creates and enhances value. However, crises in parti­cular are an out­standing threat to a good reputation. Warren Buffett already recognized: "It takes twenty years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.

Crisis prevention

The right choices need to be made before a crisis takes place. We support you based on our experience in crisis communication by ensuring that you are prepared as well as possible for any company crisis you may experience. This will also help you to communicate effectively in the event of a crisis.

Crisis prevention Image

Media training
for lawyers

It isn’t easy to communicate legal topics to the public and journalists in a clear and understandable manner. We provide lawyers and spokespeople at law firms with training that allows them to prepare for their appearances in front of the media and on the stage. Your message will be received.

Media training for lawyers image
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