Change Communication

Changes within companies need to be commu­nicated care­fully and conside­rately. We help you to organise and commu­nicate changes in the best way possible - inter­nally to your employees and externally to industry and regional press.

Structural changes looming at your company? Perhaps you want to roll out a new company strategy, react to crises and damages to your reputation or reorganise your HR structure?

No matter whether these have been prompted by external influen­ces or internal decisions: we'll oversee and advise you on commu­nicating change processes success­fully. The goal here is to reach employees at all levels of your hierarchy so that you get as many people as possible on board to help make the changes you want a reality.

Our range of services includes:

  1. Preparing a strategy for your communication that includes digital media and social media, alongside classic media
  2. Comprehensive consulting services throughout the entire change communication process
  3. Helping you establish a clear CEO position
  4. Moderating your change internally and externally (campaigns)
  5. Embedding change communication in your corporate communication
  6. Developing and implementing purpose
  7. Mission statement, developing a vision and a mission
  8. Workshop formats
  9. HR communication
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