Dipl. iur. Daria Gladkov


Daria Gladkov

Telephone: +49 30 20 91 29 70

The lawyer first studied German and French law at the Uni­versity of Erlangen-Nurem­berg, then completed her studies at the Ludwig Maxi­milian Uni­versity with a focus on criminal justice, criminal defence and prevention.

Before joining CONSILIUM, she worked as a journa­list for Süd­deutsche Zeitung, Baye­rischer Rund­funk and an investi­gative programme for the Pro­Sieben­Sat.1 media group. Most recently, Daria Gladkov was co-responsible for the cross-media press and public relations work of the state govern­ment and the Minister President of North Rhine-West­phalia.

Daria Gladkov mainly advises compa­nies on white-collar crime and insol­vency law and supports them in strate­gically estab­lishing, defending or rebuil­ding their reputation.

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