Compliance Communication

A good reputation can take a company years to build up, yet it can be damaged in a matter of seconds by the careless and unlawful actions of poten­tially just a single employee. When it comes to commu­nicating comp­liance measures in a way that anchors them effec­tively within your company, what you need is a strategic approach.

As part of our comp­liance commu­nication, we help you inform your employees, managers and business partners of all internal rules, duties and respon­sibilities in such a way that they under­stand, support and comply with these.

Our compliance communication services always include:

  1. Preparing a communication strategy and cascade in coordination with compliance, HR and basic communication goals
  2. Designing communication campaigns to roll out, expand and strengthen compliance management systems
  3. Adapting compliance communication to individual internal stakeholders, while taking into account relevant responsibilities and regional/international specifics
  4. Supporting compliance communication by planning and implementing external communication measures and increasing the visibility of compliance in your public appearance
  5. Providing advice in the event of a compliance crisis with a view to internal and external ad hoc communication
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