Prof. Volker Boehme-Neßler


Prof. Volker Boehme-Neßler

Telephone: +49 30 20 91 29 70

The Professor of Public Law (Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg) was one of the first experts in Germany to focus on legal communication. Already in 2010 he published "The public as judges? Litigation-PR as a new method of finding justice".

Volker Bohhme-Neßler's research focuses on the interactions between law, media and the public. He studied law and political science in Berlin, Bonn and Heidelberg. Boehme-Neßler then worked for several years as a lawyer in Berlin and Wiesbaden, he was Professor of Public Law at the HTW Berlin from 1998-2014.

Prof. Volker Boehme-Neßler is Of-Counsel at CONSILIUM.

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