Public Affairs

Maintaining long-term relation­ships with branch decision-makers has never been more impor­tant for the success of a company's develop­ment. We establish trust between the key market players. Targeted action and the right communi­cation at the cross­roads of politics, business and society are essential. We advise by analysing complex political programmes and building relation­ships. We focus on the values of trust, integrity and reputation.

Our public affairs services always include:

  1. Covering Public Affairs, Government/Regulatory Relations, Industry & Union Affairs during the entire process
  2. Anaylsing shareholder structure as well as press, investor and analyst perception
  3. Tracking and revising legislative and regulatory developments that may influence your business
  4. Coordinating issue management including rapid response planning, message development and media outreach
  5. Initiating thoughtful leadership and reputation-building programs
  6. Positioning our clients as a leading voice in the industry and highlight their contributions to the society
  7. Designing and coordinating all communication and advertising measures
  8. Preparing information materials
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